About Our Company

Brothers house washing was established in 1983 by Greg and Jeff Hansen. Two brothers that where born and raised in Levittown Long Island. Brothers house washing is a licensed and insured power washing company servicing all areas of Long Island.

We provide a quality service for a great price. We specialize in house washing, deck washing and sealing, and deck repair of all types.

Our house washing is done entirely by hand. We spray a biodegradable soap onto the siding, rub it down with soft pads and brushes and rinse with the hose. We also hand rub all of the outside of the gutters, window frames, doorframes, soffits and leaders.

The house will look brand-new when we are finished.

Another point that sets us apart from any other power washing company is that There is a brother at every job! We are 100% owner.

Brothers-housewashing Van

Brother's Housewashing, Call Jeff or Greg Hanse (516) 731-7849